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About desh AI

desh.AI is working on transforming businesses with Artificial Intelligence. Our team is uniquely qualified to help government and enterprises develop and execute cohesive AI strategies. desh.AI is enabling mission-critical applications for the fastest growing markets: IoT, Data, and Mobility. We’re experts in AI, NLP, ML, DL, Image Processing, and video analytics.

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We are following Agile and DevOps process to provide the best quality services leveraging cutting edge technology like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and Deep Learning.

AI Strategy

AI Strategy is an impactful strategy that can help the company to make smarter products, services for better business decision and optimization of business processes.

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Conversational AI

Conversational AI is an intelligent chatbot to give your services faster, remove the error, save time & money and provide better customer satisfaction.

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Facial Recognition

Facial recognition based access control for companies to ensure security, make the process automated, time-saving and smart integration with the existing security infrastructure.

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Video Analytics

Video analytics for your company to analyze real-time traffic from video, make insights from video and detect unwanted stuff.

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Sentiment & Behavior Analysis

Provide sentiment & behavior analysis for your company to find out the pattern from text, sentiment & behavior from the video.

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Business Intelligence & Predictive Analysis

Provide business intelligence from data, the latest market trend, and prediction of business growth.

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Robotic Process Automation

Provide artificial intelligence enabled robot, software robot and virtual assistant for your company.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Make IoT based product and service for your company to automate processes and grow your company faster.

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Training Service

Provide real life project based Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence training to cope up with the emerging technology.

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Companies Worked With Us

We have provided services to ten companies based on AI, NLP, IoT, and Training.


desh.AI Products

We developed seven products based on IoT, NLP, Facial Recognition, and Sentiment Analysis.



Our products with unique features and specifications.

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Aalap is a conversational chatbot powered by Machine Learning-Natural Language Processing working as personal assistant.

  • Has dashboard to provide the intelligence of conversation.
  • Deployable in messenger, skype, slack, twitter, telegram, viber and website.
  • Support both Bangla and English.

Retail AI

Retail AI is a set of Artificial Intelligence based applications.

  • Facial Recognitions based access control.
  • Sentiment analysis through facial recognition.
  • E-paper for product pricing and offering display.

Smart Office

Smart office is an autonomous system which can automatically control office appliances and other things.

  • Facial Recognition based access control.
  • Smart smoke detector with getting push notification on mobile.
  • Sensor based smart system for controlling light, fan and other switches.

What Technology We Use?

As we are a Tech Company, we believe in using cutting edge technology as well as the best breed of technology to provide our clients top performing product in terms of time, cost, productivity, quality, and budget.

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