An MoU signed up between Shwapno, the largest grocery chain in Bangladesh and best retail brand in the country and desh.AI (a sister concern of HyperTAG Solutions Ltd.), Artificial Intelligence-based company to leverage the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for business growth.

Shwapno has 60 outlets across the country. It has big ample customers in daily transaction. desh.AI and Shwapno are working for e-paper, Face Recognition, Time Tracking, Infrared Sensor, Gender & Age, Object Analysis, Multi-camera Tracking, GPS Location Tracking, Movement Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Behavior Analytics and Predictive Analysis for its increasing business growth.

e-paper, a portable, reusable storage and display medium which looks like paper, will be used for offers, promotions, and products’ pricing. Time tracking will be used for counting based on facial registration entry, exit and total time spent. To create a catalog for a different object, object analysis will work. GPS location tracking is for real-time location. Movement analysis will use to figure out customer stay, crowd, and running. Sentiment analysis will be used for detecting customer happy, sad, anger and shout sentiment. Behavior analysis will figure out consumer purchasing habits, most selling products and purchase time which is connected with ERP.

desh.AI is committed to its work. Hope together, retail industry will taste the disruptive technology like Artificial Intelligence for its amplification.

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